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15 agosto 2018

Giovanni Manzo e l’ Impressionismo Contemporaneo

Giovanni Manzo è nato nel 1966 a Napoli dove vive e lavora

The Contemporary Impressionism

The painter Giovanni Manzo (born in Naples in 1966) is internationally known for his innovative style blending harmoniously three artistic techniques: photography, graphic art and painting.

The photography reveals the reality and the mouvement, the graphic art gives the image a modern contemporary touch and the painting sets it all in a romantic view that belongs to the Italian cultural tradition.

The artist prefers to paint the cities, revisiting them with a modern point of view like no other artist has ever done before. His technique draws a break with the traditional figuration: the most typical streets are reproduced from a contemporary perspective projecting a completely new image of the cities to the world.

If the viewer is looking closely at a piece of work by Giovanni Manzo, he will see a succession of points and lines of an informal nature while if he moves away a few metres, the painting will have its perfect dimension. All this is revisited Impressionism with a modern touch through graphic art.

This new artistic style is necessary in order to describe the artist’s profound sense of belonging to the city of Naples. The challenge consists of painting the oldest streets of Naples and making a parallel with New York, modern metropolis, to unify
the two cities through technical innovation which the artist calls “Contemporary Impressionism”.

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